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We connect scholarships and students. By posting your scholarship on our website, you can reach more students who meet your scholarship requirements.

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How do I receive the applications?

There are 2 options: 1) secured email in a PDF format 2) mail the hard copies to you. Please indicate your preference before posting the scholarship.

How do you match students and scholarships together?

Scholar’s App uses 14 categories to match students to scholarships eg. GPA, college attending, state of residency, etc. If a scholarship has more specific requirements, (Eg. a scholarship open to all high school seniors in Hawaii, but the recipient needs to be a part of a specific organization) we have “qualifying questions” that a student answers before being allowed to fill out that application. Our matching system will ensure an accurate match so that you only view scholarships you qualify for.

How many more applications can I receive?

The average scholarship on Scholar's App experiences an increase of 50 more applications

What is the cost to get started?

There is no cost to get started. Simply submit a copy of your application to us and we will send you up to 15 qualified and completed applications for free!

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