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Pacific Islander scholarships

These are all open scholarships for students who identify as Pacific Islander. Select other group identity

  • 2020 Growing up Asian in America Contest
    Hosted by AACI and in partnership with NBC Bay Area, Growing Up Asian in America (GUAA) is an annual art, essay and video contest that reaches thousands of Bay Area students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Founded 25+ years ago, GUAA encourages young Asian Americans to take pride in their identities, and helps others understand the varied experiences of our youth growing up in the Bay Area’s diverse communities. Founded by Lance Lew of NBC Bay Area in 1995, the contest provides a unique platform for young artists to creatively explore and celebrate being both Asian or Pacific Islander and American. It remains one of the essential celebrations of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and 10 students will be selected for a cash award and a chance to appear on NBC Bay Area!
  • 2021 STEM Scholarship for Students of Color
    This scholarship will be awarded to students of color who are pursuing their undergraduate college degrees in the STEM field.
  • 2022 Scholarship for Asian American & Pacific Islander Students
    This scholarship will be awarded to Asian American or Pacific Islander students who are pursuing their undergraduate college degree.
  • A.T. Anderson Memorial Scholarship
    This scholarship is open to full-time undergraduate or graduate students at an accredited two-year or four-year college/university who are pursuing any STEM related degree such as Architecture, Mathematics, Medical Sciences, Physical Science, Technology, Nursing, Engineering, or Natural Resources.
  • F. A. and Charlotte Blount Scholarship
    This scholarship is available to minority graduating high school seniors from Forsyth County, North Carolina.
  • Law Student Diversity Scholarship
    This scholarship is for a student who is currently enrolled in an accredited law school within the United States, or entering law school and is a member of an ethnic or racial minority or demonstrates a defined commitment to issues of diversity within their academic career.
  • Minority and Underrepresented Environmental Literacy Program
    This is a scholarship designed to assist academically talented minority and underrepresented individuals pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree in an **environmental course** of study that will lead to employment in a field that is clearly environmentally related. See [here]( for **participating Missouri schools**.
  • Nathan L. Anderson Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc
    This scholarship will be awarded to minority students (from African-American, Latino/Hispanic, and Native American populations), who are pursuing undergraduate training in Computer Science, Aviation, Nursing and Music.
  • RMHC/Asia Scholarship
    Awarded to high schieving students with a strong involvement and interest in their communities.
  • Theresa A. Mike scholarship
    This scholarship is open to any Native American across the United States AND any Non-Native student who has graduated from a high school in the Coachella Valley or the Morongo Basin who is an employee in good standing or the dependent of an employee of any entity of the Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians and is an enrolled member of a Federally-Recognized Native American Indian Tribe.
  • WGU Opportunity Grant
    WGU is committed to increasing equity of access to all individuals who desire to achieve a college degree. This grant, the Opportunity Grant, is an investment to allow underserved populations the funding necessary to achieve this goal.